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  • Who is this for?
    Women and ethnically diverse professionals across all industries with a minimum of 5 years' work experience. If you or your team are motivated and seeking a trusted partner to help you navigate change, break barriers, and embrace clarity, confidence and courage on your path to success, we're here to help. Each engagement is tailored specifically to your needs. We meet you where you are and collaborate on a roadmap for where you want to go. Coaching is a universal, powerful tool that can nurture and develop leaders across different industries, organizations and cultures. Coaching is a great investment that can offer an even greater contribution. It has been shown to boost productivity by over 40%, generating a median ROI of 788%. Research has demonstrated that coaching increases self-confidence, elevates work performance, enhances communication, and improves professional relationships.
  • What will I receive?
    Pre-Session Preparation: Tasks or assignments to complete before each session. The work will be relevant to the topic(s) we are discussing. This will ensure our time together is maximally productive and tailored to your specific needs. ​​Dedicated Coaching Time: Experience a focused coaching session, where we delve deep into your challenges, strategize on solutions, and create a clear path forward for your vision and to meet your desired results. ​​Post-Session Summary and Action Plan: After our session, you will receive a summary of our discussion along with an action plan, providing you with clear next steps to implement the strategies and solutions we've discussed. For a deeper dive into what a coaching engagement entails, refer to the next Q&A.
  • What can I expect throughout my journey?
    You can expect: 1. Establish a relationship Our first session is about getting to know each other and begin to build a trust-based connection. We will: Discuss how to best work together and ensure you know that in my coaching practice what we discuss is between us. Understand what you hope to accomplish through coaching. Use insights tools to gain deeper self-awareness, and we discuss how the information relates to your vision or intention. 2. Coaching sessions You’ll spend most of your time in this phase. Typical coaching engagements involve 6–12 sessions spaced ~2 weeks apart. During our meetings, you can expect to: Check-in and discuss your progress. Review assignments. Set goals and adjust the plan as needed. Discuss obstacles, fears, limiting beliefs. Celebrate wins. Learn new skills. 3. Between sessions When you’re not sitting in a session, you’re putting your strategies into action. I will hold you accountable at your next meeting, so be sure to: Try new things. Take note of positive and negative outcomes. Remain focused on your vision. Record your actions and insights. 4. After sessions As our time together draws to a close, you can expect to: Evaluate your progress. Acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments. Establish an action plan for living your post-coach life. We can always re-engage as your needs change or shift.
  • How do I know I am ready?
    You know you are ready when... You’re ready to invest. Know that hiring a coach for your personal growth and professional development requires time, money, and effort on your part. Don’t look at the investment you’re putting in, consider what your return on investment is going to be. You’re ready to get your hands dirty. Coaching will only work if you’re willing to put in the work yourself. Coaching is for action-takers — it’s not a therapy or counseling session. You must be ready to roll up your sleeves and work. You’re ready to set excuses aside. Don’t show up with excuses on the table. Be accountable and remember that making excuses is only a waste of your own time and money. You plan to stay the course. Coaching means you are in it for the long haul. Identify what you want to achieve and understand that you might not get results overnight. It may take several sessions to develop a plan to achieve your desired vision. You’re prepared to take risks. It might not be easy to practice and implement what we teach you if it requires you to step out of your comfort zone. Be willing to take risks and feel uncomfortable. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get the same results.​
  • What is your expertise?
    My expertise is in empowering women and ethnically diverse team professionals to navigate change, overcome barriers and unleash their full potential. My dedication is unwavering in supporting individuals & teams to thrive & lead amidst change, unlock clarity, courage & confidence, and achieve their goals & dreams, while also igniting inspiration in those around them. Formally trained in Business Coaching by the WABC and proficient in utilizing the DISC & Motivators insights tool, I continuously enhance my expertise through ongoing learning and certification maintenance. With 35+ years cumulative leadership and coaching experience in corporate America, I bring a wealth of practical knowledge, strategic insight, and a framework (a road map) + tools.
  • How do you describe your coaching style?
    At the core of my coaching style is a solutions-based approach focused on both altering your thinking and encouraging tangible work and progress. While I prioritize active listening and approach every interaction with curiosity and compassion, I also believe in having a plan to overcome obstacles and propel you towards the realization of your goals and dreams. This blend of empathy and actionable guidance ensures continuous progress and meaningful outcomes in your journey towards success. You can also expect a blend of fun and creativity to keep the journey both engaging and enjoyable. As we delve into meaningful work, let's not forget that joy and laughter are essential ingredients that uplift the spirit.
  • I am interested in learning more about behavioral insights tools for self-awareness. How do I get started?
    Excited to hear you are interested! Please book a complimentary consultation to discuss your request. We'll walk you through the main tool we leverage, the DISC and Motivators process and what to expect. We also have a great network of partners, which we can leverage to provide other insights tools that offer in-depth analysis of adaptability and emotional intelligence. We can discuss those as well.
  • Do you facilitate group workshops or programs?
    Yes. We facilitate intimate team workshops for up to 10 members and group programs for up to 20 participants, designed to drive results, foster a sense of community, and create meaningful change. Please book a complimentary consultation to discuss the need and how we may be able to help.

Please contact us if you have questions not included on this list. We are happy to help.

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