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Fostering Career Success and Fulfillment for Women and Ethnically Diverse Professionals.

Through Collaborative Strategies We Overcome Obstacles and Unleash Your Full Potential on Your Path to Success.

Are you ready?

Transformation is a journey without a final destination

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In today's dynamic workplace, professionals face numerous challenges.

Organizational shifts: Changes in strategy and structure occur on average every 2-3 years. These shifts impact most industries and are expected to accelerate as organizations adapt to evolving market conditions, technologies, and workforce dynamics.

Career transitions: Changing job roles, switching industries, advancing to team leadership, and career pivots. Research indicates diverse professionals experience 30% more career transitions than their counterparts due to navigating barriers and seeking inclusive environments.

These changes, while inevitable, can be particularly challenging for women and ethnically diverse individuals, often amplifying existing barriers & hindering career momentum.

Do you ever find yourself...

  • Struggling to clarify your vision and purpose?

  • Seeking to boost confidence to overcome obstacles, biases and doubts?

  • Wanting to unlock the courage to navigate change and emerge a stronger, authentic leader?

  • Wishing you were making more progress toward your goals and dreams?


If you are nodding along to any of these experiences, know that you're not alone. 

Navigating your journey can be challenging amidst change, especially without a clear plan and guide.


Dreaming of being more confident, brave, successful, and authentically yourself is just the beginning; turning those dreams into reality is where the real journey begins.

The good news? The key to your success resides within you.


Even better news? You don't have to navigate your journey alone. Our purpose is to light the way and use our roadmap + tools to overcome obstacles and empower your path to success.

About Me

Hi, I'm Cecilia Hajredinaj (Rodriguez Gallardo)

Leadership Coach & Strategist

Storm Breaker & Navigator

As the founder of Thrive & Lead by Design, I bring over 35 years of leadership and coaching experience from Fortune 500 companies like Citigroup, PwC, and Morgan Stanley. My extensive career has honed my skills as a leader, problem solver, and career navigator, providing deep insights into the barriers that can impede progress and success.

I’ve navigated numerous organizational shifts & professional changes and supported many clients through similar transitions.


I understand the critical role of self-awareness in leadership. Through my own experiences with coaching, I have enhanced my skills, navigated change, confronted limiting beliefs, and uncovered my true motivations and passions. This journey of self-acceptance has been crucial in overcoming challenges, emerging as an authentic leader, and nurturing a fulfilling career.

My personal journey fuels my passion for supporting others facing similar obstacles. I am dedicated to helping women and ethnically diverse professionals navigate change and achieve clarity, confidence, and courage on their path to success.


Leveraging my unique blend of personal insight, business acumen, and a coaching framework + tools, I empower others to thrive & lead in their careers.

Are you ready to embark on your journey? Let's take the first step together!

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How We Can Help

We provide barrier-breaking, solutions-based coaching in three key areas.

Our services include 1:1 coaching, intimate team workshops and group programs for up to 20 participants, designed to drive results, foster a sense of community, and create meaningful change.

personal growth
rising as a leader

1. Clarity

Goal Setting: Define your career and personal goals to ensure a clear vision of your desired achievements. This clarity helps you stay focused and motivated, even during organizational change.

Strategic Planning: Create actionable plans that provide a clear roadmap for progress. A strategic plan helps you navigate changes more effectively and adapt while working towards your objectives.

Self-Awareness: Use behavioral insights tools to understand your behaviors, strengths, areas for development, and motivators. This self-awareness helps you make purposeful and impactful decisions, allowing you to thrive in a new landscape.

2. Confidence

Self-Efficacy: Strengthen your belief in your ability to succeed in specific situations or tasks. This confidence helps you approach new challenges with resilience during periods of change.

Communication: Enhance your public speaking and interpersonal skills to foster authentic and courageous communication. Effective communication helps you advocate for yourself and your ideas during organizational shifts.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Break through internal and external barriers, recognize your true worth, and celebrate your achievements. Overcoming imposter syndrome is especially important for maintaining confidence during times of change.



3. Courage

Risk-Taking: Step out of your comfort zone and take calculated risks to foster significant growth and opportunities. Willingness to take risks can lead to new roles, responsibilities, and advancements during periods of change.

Advocacy and Assertiveness: Develop skills to advocate for yourself confidently and assertively communicate your needs and boundaries. This ensures you can negotiate for what you need to succeed and protect your interests during organizational shifts.

Resilience: Strengthen your ability to navigate setbacks and challenges with a proactive and positive mindset. Resilience helps you adapt and emerge stronger amidst change.

Success Stories

"The coaching sessions taught me to be kinder to myself and appreciate my accomplishments.  Also, to value my time and delegate to others when possible.  Cecilia was a great listener to my challenges of the week and helped me to navigate through them and set priorities. The career projection exercise was challenging and very effective. It brought to light professional areas of interest I had been contemplating, but had not put on paper in this way. It is a great tool and will use it in the future."

Stephanie C., Commercial Finance Leader (brewing company)

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